The Criteria


January 7, 2013 by myfabfico


In order to accomplish my goals I know I need to set forth certain criteria and stipulations. I am not one of those people who can rely on sheer will when it comes to money. This criteria  will serve as the ground work and hopefully become habit once I reach 750.

My Road to 750 goals are as follows:

1.  Do not spend any money in the iTunes store and on the Amazon kindle. This also includes buying books or music from brick and mortar stores. This is one of my impulse buys. Im guilty of buying an album on itunes after hearing one song only to find myself listening to that one song that led me to spend 12.99 in the first place.

I have wanted a record player for years and finally received one for Christmas. So I can only spend $20 a quarter on vinyl records, and this is going to be hard considering I live RIGHT ABOVE A RECORD STORE!

I am allowed to buy textbooks and books for school related to school.

2.  I will not spend money on alcohol at establishments. On a recent song, Diddy said something to the effect of “I can live my life and pay for yours at the same damn time”. And you know why? CIROC. The markup on alcohol at venues is ridiculous  Being a young professional woman in NYC, I spend my fair share on social beverages. The only alcohol purchases I can make going forward are from local wine shops and Traders Joes. (can participate in open bars or alcohol that is included in meals). And even when shopping at these stores there is a 2 bottle, $25 minimum.

3. I can spend money on birthday gifts, special occasions, anniversaries weddings etc. This means gifts for the Fam and close friends, no gifts for the owner of the record shop below me. The gift value is not to exceed $75.00. People are just gonna have to understand.

4. $25 a month for toiletries and or hair essentials from Target, Walgreens, etc. Possibly begin ordering these necessities online from to reduce the likelihood of impulse shopping.

5. $40 a month for my nails. This is a major change. There was a time where I was

This weeks nails. Under 20 bucks!

This weeks nails. Under 20 bucks!

spending close to $100 a month on nail maintenance and I dont even wear artificial NAILS! I will no longer get gel-manicures and I have cut back on extras such as tribal designs on every finger.

6. $20 per month on household necessities such as cleaner, candles, toilet paper, trash bags.. That stuff you wouldn’t want to live without.

7. $100 per month for groceries. This includes last minute store runs. Hopefully this criteria will force me to plan my weekly menus out better.

8. $20 per week to dining out with friends or solo. God help me with this one.

9. $20 per month for cab fare

10. Transportation costs related to travel away from NYC are exempt. Budget applies to other items while on vacation. Its a lifestyle right? And I should be pre-planning for these trips accordingly. These life changes are not only about budget, but about planning.

11. Medical costs for self and Zorie are exempt. This includes medication.

12. And the Kicker. I am only allowed to buy 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of heels, 1 dress, 2 pairs of heels, and 2 pars of pants this year. sighhhh. This is going to be the most difficult goal of all. I wouldn’t say that I have a huge closet, but I definitely have more others. I can only buy clothes outside of the stipulation if it’s from a gift card gifted to me. I can also borrow clothes and receive free clothes.

Lets get ready to rumble.

Rick Flair

A rather excited Rick Flair in his prime.


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