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January 9, 2013 by myfabfico

If you must spend money, try your hardest to make it work for you.

Some people prefer cash back programs. I personally like airline miles rewards programs.

Back in the good days US Airways miles program that was affiliated with Bank of America. Rather than having to have a credit card, I was able to rack up points using my debit card. As a result this year I was able to fly my best friend up from North Carolina for New York Fashion week and I took a trip to Los Angeles. Flight wise both trips combined cost about $80!


While that debit card program has been phased out they still offer a few products such as online marketplace (I recently earned 120 miles for ordering my moms birthday gift), preferred partners (I earned 600 miles from my rental car usage while in LA), and a dining rewards program.

With this said, another unstated guideline of mine is that if I must spend money, I must see if I can make it work for me before I spend a dime. Not only am I trying to reduce my spending, I’m attempting to “spend with a purpose”.

This morning I found I can get double my miles through the Marriott for my stays in the next 4 months. Considering  I have a Bridal Shower and wedding to attend outside of Philly next month and the following. Cha Ching.

Do you use any rewards programs? Have any recommendations or tips?


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