On your mark…. get set… STOP (spending)

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January 15, 2013 by Victoria

Victoria  here, and If you made a financial resolution for this new year, then you have something in common with myself, Tonya, and a billion other people around the world.

However now that you’ve joined us here on myfabfico.com you have something very unique, a resource and support system.

While I’m no Suzie Orman, I am willing to share goals tips and check points on my journey. What helps me to be accountable, may also support someone else.

I plan to adopt some of the financial goals Rap outlines, but I will have to modify some of the guide lines for my life style.

What stays:

–       The 750 credit score goal.

What’s added:

–       7,000 -10,000 annual savings goal.

–       A review of my budget each month, and I must keep an accurate ledger of purchases.

–       I cannot pay any Bank fees– if I do, it comes out of clothing allowance or personal care line. (paid hundreds to Chase last year…)

What’s modified:

–       My impulse buys are mostly food, instead of a fat snack, now it’s got to be healthy (fruits or water)

I must keep it 100% with myself and stop spending money I don’t have!!!

What are your financial goals for 2013? What guidelines will you use to get there?

Let’s support each other, and discuss them here.

–  ❤ V


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