Why am I even on this journey

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January 16, 2013 by myfabfico

Once upon a time I was a car sales woman. subprime_used_car_loans

Yours truly sold Nissans, Hyundai’s, and used cars. Looking back now I think, “what the hell was I doing?” I was all of 23 years old selling cars. I was actually pretty good at it though.  My car sales career lasted about 6 months, but this was long enough for me to assist customer after customer after customer with less than stellar credit. I recall the lowest credit score I ever came across. It was this really nice guy who came in with his wife and two young kids.  He couldn’t have ever paid any debt in life, because his credit score was a 368. He was the laughing stock of the dealership for the next week.

Then there were other customers who stuck out in my mind, the single black woman who surprised everyone with her 720 credit score. There was the rich kid who had perfect credit but still couldn’t get approved for the loan because of his lack of income. I saw how easy it was for some to get approved and how impossible it was for many. This was before the financial collapse of 2008. I can only imagine what people are walking onto the lots with now.

But even then, I knew I wanted credit approvals to be easy for me, then again, who doesn’t. I graduated from college and began working alongside people who were adults, but obviously struggling to stay afloat. They were renting their homes or apartments and not by choice, but by force. They couldn’t finance a stick of gum.

I banked on my financial situation changing after college. But despite making more money, I continue to find myself living paycheck to paycheck.sppaychek2paycheck I don’t want to be like this and I know I don’t have to.

I have decided that allowing poor spending habits and overextending myself financially will ultimately place me and my masters degree in the same position as the gentleman with the 360 credit score or the 50 year old couple who is still renting. Sure there are arguments against debt, credit, homeownership. But there are also arguments against vitamins.

At the end of the day my journey isn’t all about a 750 FICO score. It’s about responsible spending. It’s about conquering my goals.  It’s about being a smart consumer who uses her credit wisely.

I don’t want to just look together I want to be together.


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