Bag Cereal


January 31, 2013 by myfabfico


I won’t say that my mother was anti-generic brands, but there were some things she downright shunned. Kool-Aid, store brand cola and bag cereal. I admit, I was raised privileged and somewhat bourgeoise. Growing up there were certain things I didn’t have to worry about such as healthcare, housing, and groceries.

Essentially all cereal comes in bags but I’m specifically speaking about the Malt-o Meal varieties. Until 3 weeks ago I had never had it, however budgets call for lifestyle changes and I was pleasantly surprised that Golden Puff tastes just like Sugar Smacks! (Dont judge me, I know its filled with loads of sugar).

Most of us have preconceived notions about generic products and I agree there are certain types of generics that don’t make the quality assurance cut such as dollar store cotton balls. However the great thing about budgeting is that it forces you to alter your lifestyle and your decisions. Had I not been clocking my spend, bag cereal wouldn’t have ever been an option.

Take this time to break out of your mold. I’m not saying buy an ass load of generic products, but try replacing something brand name that you typically buy with the generic or less marketed brand. Then, let me know what works and doesn’t work out.

And remember, just because you save in one area doesn’t mean go splurge in another.

Happy almost Friday.


2 thoughts on “Bag Cereal

  1. Megan Lottie says:

    I completely agree! However, them Fruity O’s DO NOT taste like Fruit Loops LOL. But I understand what you mean.

    Over the years, stores have really come up on their specific store brand items and the quality has gotten alot better since when our parents were growing up.

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