Saving Money on Valentines Day

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February 12, 2013 by myfabfico

It’s that time. Some call it Singles Awareness Day. Others place so much emphasis on it that it’s “Am I going to dump this individual day”. In my opinion Valentines Day is like a universal Anniversary day. It’s the day for people who might not make it long enough to an anniversary to shell out money in the name of love.

V-Day is the third largest holiday after Christmas and Mothers Day.  In 2012 it  was estimated that consumers spent $17.6 billion on V-Day gifts alone. Its easy to get caught up in the hype on the giving and receiving end, but me and mine are taking it easy since we will be moving into our first apartment together on March 1st (and his birthday is Feb 20th).

So I’ve come up with a few resources and ideas that are budget friendly.   

1.  Paint a picture or create a piece of art.

You should know the type of person you’re with. This wont go for everyone, but for some, a custom gift like this would be invaluable. Even if you’re not artistic there are paint my number sets you can buy or just scope the web for abstract ideas you can replicate.

2. Hand Deliver a bouquet or plant

Flowery delivery is f***ing  expensive. Flowers that are advertised at $29.99 end up costing almost $40.00 after it’s all said and done. If you live in the same city as your loved one, why not make a surprise delivery to their job? Flowers from the local Trader Joes or Flower shop and generally pretty nice. I’m not a flower expert and hopefully your loved one isn’t either. Grocery store flower should do. After all they die. Plants you should be a little more selective about.

3.  Cook a Meal

My boyfriend did this last year and I loved it. We both are relatively busy so taking the time out to cook a meal in was all I wanted. Can’t cook? Order it from a local restaurant and set it up like you made it. Or browse the web, there are so many free sites that I use, Guys try Man Tested Recipes  and everyone should have this site in their arsenal.

4.    Make a basket of necessities.

This can be small items from Target, Wal-Mart, Family Dollar, etc. But the goal of this is to buy things you know they’ll use. Deodorant, new toothbrushes, vitamins, underwear, lotion, socks, etc. Stuff you know they need and you can save them a trip to the store for a few months. Maybe even splurge a bit, buy them higher end items.

5. Make a Youtube video or photo slide show

Its kinda corny, but some people actually like corny. Sometimes the willingness to be corny in the name of love will get you far. Make a Slideshow with pictures of you’re relationship matched to a song that you think matches the relationship or your Valentine.

6. Reason’s I Love you Project

Find or buy a decorative container or flower. Buy a bag of Hershey kisses or their favorite candy. Cut out small hearts in any amount that symbolizes something to you or simply go with 14. Write down a reason why you love this person on each of the hearts then mix them up in the candy. They’ll enjoy going through the candy and finding all the reasons you love them.


Do not underestimate Pinterest DIY Power. Its probably one of my favorite resources ever for DIY projects, design ideas, and recipes. (You can follow me at


And yes, this post may be a little last minute, but if youre like me. You haven’t even bought a V-Day gift yet.


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