Cash Is King


February 18, 2013 by myfabfico

This past weekend myself and two friends from college threw a Bridal shower for our college friend. Me being unfamiliar with the duties of the bridal party, since this is the first bridal party I have been a part of, quickly found out that the shower was one of our duties.

I wont disclose the details of the shower but I will just say that it was financially fab 🙂 If you are throwing any type of shower definitely contact me directly for money saving tips.

Earlier this year when I sat down to post guidelines for my budget, I factored the shower in. My main concern was just how much money would I spend once I got around my girlfriends.

So in order to ensure I didn’t get extravagant, I took $140 cash out before I made the journey down to New Jersey. This was my money for the weekend. (I also charged our hotel room on my credit card and had the girls give me the cash, which was a total on $160. I was able to earn Marriott rewards and Mastercard Rewards) I paid the hotel off from my debit account and kept the cash which was used to pay for any expenses from the weekend which included he cost of the rental car, dining out, last minute items, gas, tolls, etc. I returned home with $80.

I found that by having cash I was able to monitor my spending rather than having money evaporate as I swiped my debit card. I usually dont carry cash, but I am going to from now on and prohibit myself from making repeat trips to the ATM and or swiping my card. I would like to treat my debit card like my credit card.

Lets see how this goes 🙂

And Congratulations to my beautiful friend Rashina. Next up is the wedding!!!

Rashin At Shower

Table Setting


2 thoughts on “Cash Is King

  1. I try to do this every week for lunch, its just smarter. If I don’t I spend triple the amount I was was budgeted for!! good job shower looked FAB!!

  2. victoria750 says:

    Congrats, she looks gorgeous. Im going to try that, and leave my debit card home… wish me luck!

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