Me and Babes Birthday Dinner on a Budget

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February 22, 2013 by myfabfico

Yesterday my fantastic boyfriend turned 30. I might’ve been a little more excited than him I, get that way about birthdays. Last year I threw him a joint suprise birthday party with his best friends girlfriend. However this year, considering I’m on my road to 750 and that we are moving into our apartment in a little over a week, we had to take things a little lighter.

Despite the mutual agreement I was feeling like a terrible girlfriend considering the fact that this was his 30th birthday which is a humongous deal and here I am counting peanuts. So I decided that if anything, we were going to have a nice meal. Thats when I heard the voice on my dear friend  Valerie (Founder of Digging for Rubies, follow this all around awesome woman on instagram @msrubyv) in my head raving about the Travelzoo voucher she snagged for her and her husbands anniversary celebration. I myself am OVER the group buying deal craze. I actually don’t recommend subscribing to them because it’s a sure way to lure one into frivolous spending but I’m fond of Travel Zoo’s top 20 weekly deals so decided to give it a try.

I dowloaded the app on my phone and after browsing through all of their local deals and settled on a dinner for two at a mid-town restaurant called Brazil Brazil. My carnivorous ass is extremely fond of Brazilian steak houses after living in Miami all of those years. The deal cost $69, I know I know almost 3 times my weekly food allowance, BUT, it was a gift. This $69 included a bottle of wine as well as appetizers ,entrees, and dessert for two.

Umm can we say SCORE!!

Dinner was amazing. The service was amazing. The ambiance was amazing. NEither one of us are much for the frou frou BS so It was our perfect evening. Gratuity was added, an additional $30 but you get your money’s worth.

photo (8) BrazilBrazil Dinner

photo (6)

Have a special occasion coming up soon? I definitely recommend both Brazil Brazil and Travelzoo’s Local deals.

Remain Fab 🙂


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