Paying it Forward

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March 12, 2013 by Victoria


I dont know if you have had the privilege of hearing the most inspiring pep talk ever, but if not, I am paying it forward and sharing with you.

In the spirit of “paying it forward” I want to talk about an amazing opportunity I have embarked on. There is a non-profit organization called Cents-ability whose mission is to teach teens the fundamentals of finance. They connect bankers to communities and make all the mystic information accessible.

Youth development + Financial development = a very happy Vicky.

I am teaching and hosting Cents-ability workshops through my organization, DORCAS.

(shameless plug begins now-

It has been so much fun and so fulfilling to see my teens excited and learning how to budget, save, and set SMART goals. At this early stage they are learning the value of a mutual fund and diversifying their portfolio. Astoria federal savings bank is starting all the graduates of our workshop with a savings account and a head start!

Aimee is doing an amazing job leading this organization, she has dedicated so much time to “pay it forward” check out the website, to volunteer, donate or partner. Bring these classes to a school, church or organization near you.


❤ V


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