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April 12, 2013 by myfabfico

Its been almost two weeks since I lost blogged and I apologize. Its been a busy two weeks with mid-terms and my friends wedding weekend is finally here. Can someone say Bachelorette Party!?!

I’m going to deviate off the credit series path. I will resume that next week, but I want to speak about health and ways you can maintain a healthy lifestyle on a budget. Adopting healthy habits and practices not only enables you to get the most out of life, it also saves you money in healthcare costs down the road.

There are some diseases and conditions that are unavioidable, but in the United States, preventable illness makes up approximately 80% of the burden of illness and 90% of all healthcare costs. Preventable illnesses account for eight of the nine leading categories of death. Preventable illnesses include heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and lung disease.

While I prefer to treat myself naturally, I do visit traditional practitioners for diagnosis and monitoring to make sure that all is well in my body, I decided to participate in my jobs health insurance plan. Although it costs me nearly $200/ month for just myself, my health is priceless.

Here are a few ways you can address your health on a budget.


Gym memberships can be expensive. I realize that everyone doesn’t have Planet Fitness in  their neighborhood, but if you are unsure, its definitely worth looking into. Memberships are only $10 a month. A person could spend more than that on a trip to Starbucks. And if not Planet Fitness perhaps there is a gym that is more affordable than you thought it would be. Theres also working out from home whether it be running around your neighborhood or doing aerobics in your living room. One of my favorite resources for work out videos is YOUTUBE! There is something for everyone.

Below are 2 of my favorite:


All I can say is Trader Joe’s. I can’t guarantee there will be one in your city, but as of January 2013 there were 395 around the US. Whole Foods is good when you can find things on sale, but Traders Joe’s is so awesome you dont even have to wait until sales. They have a wide variety of organic, gluten free and healthy products from affordably priced meat alternatives to whole wheat and gluten free baking products. It’s as much about selection. Dont go into Trader Joe’s and walk out with all processed foods and items loaded with sugar, sodium, and un healthy fats. Saute your vegetables in olive oil instead of butter. Instead of deep frying your chicken over fry it or bake it.


This is more so attributed to time management. I’m a firm believer that we overwork and overextend the human mind. Carefully think it over before accepting new obligations and dont be afraid to say no. Give yourself quiet or downtime. I make it a habit of not doing anything on some train rides. Just listen to music and people watch. Some weekends I find a good series on Netflix or watch documentaries on Culture Unplugged and commit to staying indoors and having “home” time. This allows me to slow my brain down and give it a rest.


I love the internet. I honestly dont even want to imagine life without it. If your finding it hard to motivate yourself to get healthy and stay health try documentaries available for free online. NetFlix has several as well as you can find a few rogue or legit docs on youtube.

I don’t consider myself to be a health guru, just someone who is committed to enjoying the best quality of life possible as I age. While finances are important, Health truly is Wealth.

One thought on “Healthy on a budget

  1. Hi Tonya, I can and do believe in what you’ve said about health. Nice stats where do you get your information?

    Best Ms. Banton

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