Time to Press the Reset Button


May 2, 2013 by myfabfico

Somehow I allowed my budget to get away from me. While I’ve done a fantastic job at keeping a zero balance on my credit cards, I’ve been using them and justifying purchases that fall outside of my original budget. Image

Not only have I not blogged in about 3 weeks, and I sincerely apologize for that, bbut over the past two months I’ve allowed a few of life’s events to derail my original goal that I set for myself in December. The great news is my high FICO score is now a 700. The bad news is… I’ve relapsed and bought shoes, clothes, jewelry, and hair products I do not need.

I can pretty much identify when it happened. Income Tax came. Then in March I moved and spent a lot of money on getting our apartment up to my aesthetic standards. For instance, up until this week I had to talk myself out of buying an additional $60 in meaningless decor from TJ Maxx Homegoods. ( I friggin love that store).

Couple an influx of money with the ridiculous schedules of my boyfriend and I (I haven gotten home before 8pm and he before 10pm all week) , which translates into more dining.  Then there was the wedding of my close friend, where I definitely spent more than anticipated including purchasing a bottle for her bachelorette party, spending about $80 on a Mani-Pedi, $125 on my hair, $75 on a facial, dinners, hotel rooms, etc.

So this is a lesson for myself and possibly others. Approach major events in your life with a budget. In my case I threw the budget out the window for the move and the wedding weekend and it ultimately translated into me relaxing…. thats generous. BASICALLY abandoning my budget in all other aspects of my life.

Now. Time to get back on this budget wagon and pray to God that I can hold my budget in tact for my upcoming trip to London and Paris next month.


2 thoughts on “Time to Press the Reset Button

  1. Michelle says:

    I really need a budget.Help me please!

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