I am now a member of the AmEx family

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June 13, 2013 by myfabfico

When I started my financial journey I set forth a few goals for myself. I wont recount them here, but if you read my first few posts you will find them. One of my goals was to become an AmEx cardholder. About 4 months ago around the time I was approved for my card with it’s highest limit I decided to test the AmEx seas and was quickly declined.

While there other great cards out there, this has been my golden carrot. I have a Visa in my portfolio as well as Mastercard’s but I wanted an AmEx to round out my portfolio and today that happened. After paying off all but one my credit cards monthly and keeping a minimum of 16% utilization on the largest card (the only one I carry a balance on) I received an offer in the mail today to apply and was instantly approved online.

In the next month I will post on how I managed to save money during my recent vacation to Paris and London as well as post my Favorite websites and apps that have helped me keep my finances in order.

And just as a reminder, this is just as much about you as it is me. I want to help others realize their financial goals and I am easily accessible. You can email me at tonya@myfabfico.com . A financial plan will work if you do and I hope that you can tell from my Instagram and Twitter accounts that I am enjoying every bit of my life while accomplishing my financial goals and believe me, you can too!

Thanks for all of the well wishes and positive responses. It makes my day hearing others say that my site inspires them. So thank you all because you are the additional motivation that helps me remain true to this journey.Image

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