Financially Fab Fashion


June 17, 2013 by myfabfico

I’ve decided to start sharing my finacially fabulous fashion finds via the blog as well.  I was previously only sharing them via instagram and twitter, but I am realizing that I’m not connected to all of my readers via all social media outlets.

My first post is a dress that I picked up at the Salvation Army on Atlantic Avenue in Boreum Hill Brooklyn. I can’t speak for all Salvation Army Stores, but this one has 50% off of most of its merchandise every Wednesday.


When I bought this hearts and dots printed dress for $4.99 (after the 50% off discount) it was originally ankle length. It reminded me of something my 3rd grade teacher in Oklahoma would have worn for Valentines day. I cut it shorter so that it would be a little more fun and flirty. It was perfect for my Sunday in Brooklyn yesterday. I find that I alter a good amount of  pieces that I thrift. In this case the alteration cost me nothing, but usually it runs no more that $10.

Have a little foresight when combing through the racks. Re-fitting or altering thrifted pieces is a great way to snag or create a one of a kind garment on a budget.

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And I promise, Europe on a budget is coming this week!

2 thoughts on “Financially Fab Fashion

  1. Ms. Banton says:

    I did not think about the great finds at the thift shops. Thanks for the info Also can’t wait to read how you did “Europe on a budget “.

    • myfabfico says:

      Yes Ms. Banton, A few thrift stores are capitalizing on their increased popularity over the past 5 years and are ridiculously priced. However there is a place in the Bronx where you can purchase pieces of clothing, sweaters included for $1 and jacks or coats for $3.

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