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My name is Tonya Rapley and I am uncomfortably seated in the row between financial mess and financial freedom. I’m college educated, come from a middle class two-parent military family, and overall I’m pretty well put together (I think so anyway).

Between the ages 21-24 I managed to live in 5 cities. (contributor to my financial issue #3). Currently I live in Brooklyn, New York and have for the past 5 years.

I came face to face with my finances in 2012 when my boyfriend and I agreed that we would like to move into an apartment of our own in New York City. Anyone who lives in NYC or has lived in NYC in the past 10-15 years knows


that getting an apartment is damn near like acquiring a mortgage. For the first time in about 5 years I was forced to face my *gasp* credit report.

It was depressing.

I wasn’t very troubled by the student loan debt, which I deemed a necessary evil, although I deal with the guilt every now and again of giving up a full academic scholarship 2 years into undergrad so that I could attend college in Miami, Florida.

It was the other “stuff” which had conveniently been swept under the preverbal rug. The $3,500 in credit card debt I had given the middle finger to, and the broken leases, and unpaid utilities. They had finally caught up with me. I spent the better end of 2012 paying most of these down and or off, on my salary from my non-profit job while managing a somewhat decent lifestyle.

On the eve of 2013 I decided I wanted something different for myself. After pulling my credit score for the first time in months and realizing that I was no longer in poor credit standing but good on some accords, fair on other, I was motivated.

And here we are.

Join me on my journey to 750 and becoming Financiall¥ Fabulou$!!!


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