About Victoria


Nobody does a gut wrenching cry scene like Kimberly Elise. Except me when I’m broke.

My name is Victoria, and 2012 was such a year of growth.

A new job and new apartment brought on a new sense of responsibility. (aka determination not to end up broke and crawling back to my parent’s house)

I have the average student debt, the average expenses, and the average entry level (social services) salary, mixed with above average plans, aspirations and ambition.

I have transitioned from the college student who split a General Tso’s “chicken” lunch with a friend, or only went to campus events for the free pizza… To an adult with real expenses. I cant believe I am saving for retirement and emergencies that don’t involve sample sales.

In six months I managed to change my spending habits, and pay off A LOT of debt. There is still a ways to go, and I would love to share my journey with you.

I have gotten to where I am due to the support and advice of others, and if we are talking about eliminating debt, then you know I’ve got to pay it forward.

Truly Yours

❤ V

head shot

4 thoughts on “About Victoria

  1. Mileta says:

    Awesome Blog, looking forward checking back on your site!

  2. Lesean Rowe says:

    Awesome blog T! i would like to hear more about how you managed your spending or steps you took

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